Chocolatier Hans Burie

In 1964 Hans Burie specialised in the production of chocolates to the traditional methods.

In 1969 the name Hans Burie became quite well known in Antwerp not in the least for the big chocolate creations he showed in his shop window.

By making real pieces of art in chocolate and marzipan such as the town hall of Antwerp he attracted people to his shop. Later on he based his creations upon the actuality -one of them was based on the meeting of president Reagan and president Gorbatsov.

During the last years he built a new workshop and engaged more people. Also his son Lieven ended school and came to help his father to make sure that this wonderful craftsmanship will be continued.

Today the shop window of Hans Burie is still his medium to make publicity for his delicious chocolates. Every month people come to see his new display of new handmade masterworks. Because of his original and topical subjects he gets coverage in newspapers, magazines and television programmes.

With his business still growing Hans Burie is now expanding towards foreign countries.