False rumors about chocolate

The quality of chocolate depends on its percentage of cacao?

There is 75% cacao chocolate of very poor quality and 55% cacao chocolate of great quality.

But, to have an excellent bittersweet chocolate you need a minimum of cacao and underneath 50% there is no such thing as excellent chocolate. But, that is not enough. You also need quality beans so that every step from transformation of the bean to chocolate is perfect and finally that the cacao-balance, cacao butter and sugar, is respected.

Chocolate cannot be stored in the fridge.
The fridge does not alter the chocolate.

What are the enemies of chocolate?
By order of importance:

  1. heat (above 18° C)
  2. humidity
  3. air
  4. time …that passes
  5. temperature differences

Which means that if you do not keep your chocolate at 14°C, there where humidity is low, in a hermetic wrapping and for not too long, the conditions will be perfect. In that case, there is no reason why you should keep your chocolate in the fridge. But who has, in his home, such a place?

So, it is better to store your chocolate in your fridge, in a closed box (plastic, metal,) and take it out closed 20 minutes before savoring. That way the humidity will set on the box and the chocolate will recover its ideal temperature

If you do not have the patience to wait, you will eat it a little too cold, which will result in lowering the fragrances a bit. But, with every bite, do we eat chocolate for the maximum of aromas or just to please ourselves?