Our tour is especially designed for you, if you...
  • are a true chocolate lover.
  • have an appreciation for the most exquisite chocolates in the world.
  • are an incurable chocoholic (who doesn't want to find a cure).
  • are on the quest to find the chocolate paradise.
  • want to share with a loved one the sweetest Valentine's Day.
  • just want to have a marvelous, unique vacation.

You belong on this tour if...
  • you have a reverence for the "Food of the Gods."
  • you understand and can appreciate the differences between "just chocolate" and "heavenly chocolate."
  • you think the greatest human achievement is chocolate.
  • you're an admitted chocoholic.
  • your friends think it's cuckoo that you know the difference between cocoa and cacao.

We don't want you on this tour if...
  • you are constantly going to count calories.

A Heavenly vacation -- and yes, you deserve it!

Honestly, doesn't just the thought of chocolate put a smile on your face? Imagine what a visit to the chocolate paradise will do for you...

Yes, you will be in paradise... and savor the most exquisite chocolates, hand-made by the best chocolate artisans in the world.